When you shop locally, you empower businesses to keep their doors open and give people jobs, which can help boost the local economy. Supporting local Nigerian brands shows that you value unique products and care about your community enough to see it succeed in the future.

About The Naira Haus

The Naira Haus helps you find and discover amazing local brands across Nigeria, through our online directory, shopping guides, and newsletters.

We believe in supporting Nigerian entrepreneurs in running successful businesses. From service providers to companies, we research and list local brands that value quality, to showcase Nigerian brands to the world.

Since our launch, we've made sure to put our customers at the center of everything we do. We are humans helping other humans succeed, and we believe transparency and reliability are key to placing Nigerian brands on the map, as we continue to grow.

The Database

  • Local Brands only

    Whether you live in Nigeria or in a different part of the world, our database makes it easy to find the right products made in Nigeria and service providers in Nigeria.

  • Verified brands

    Brands listed on The Naira Haus are carefully selected through a rigorous verification process, to protect you from scammers and fraudulent businesses, online and offline.

  • High quality

    We list brands and service providers that prioritize quality and provide excellent customer service, to ensure that you get value for your money.

Join the team

The Naira Haus team is looking for curious, hardworking, kind and patient (this is very important, we are bootstrapping!) individuals to grow the brand and platform!

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